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26 Tips To Make the Most of Your Mini Apartment

Although the Spanish cadastre indicates that the average size of houses in Spain is 144.3 meters, the truth is that this is just that: an average where the mini-apartmentsof 35 m2 in the center of the cities and the houses on the beach. They mix with cortijos or large chalets.
In addition, the amplitude of a dwelling is not only something that refers to the measurable space. The distribution or lack of storage can increase the feeling of narrowness of any place.
Making the most of natural light, choosing folding furniture and storage systems that occupy all the height are some tricks to get open spaces that improve our quality of life.

Our collaborators of indecortrends have made a compilation of tricks and tips to optimize small houses and to get more spacious or better used environments:

1. Mini-kitchen for great chefs

In the space normally occupied by a wardrobe, you can have everything you need for a person to cook. In this case it is a kitchen inside a cabinet with a shutter that, when not in use, is completely hidden. The table to eat is an essential element, do not give up on it.

2. Take advantage of any gap No

matter how small, a house always hides corners and wasted spaces, like that hole that is behind a partition or load wall, or the triangular space left by a sloping roof (in the image). Choosing bespoke furniture is the perfect option in these cases, sometimes even the only one. It's not usually cheap, but in the long run you'll be glad you invested in it.

3. Compact furniture

They are the best option for mini kitchens. If you extend the upper cabinets to the ceiling, you will gain at least 30 cm of additional storage space.

4. A desk on the wall

It's an ingenious way to work or study without taking up too much space. A drop-down board is something very easy to install if you're a handyman.

5. Textiles in the bedroom, always in soft tones

In terms of decoration and textiles, avoid strong shades. Opt for soft tones, such as white. This will give luminosity to the bedroom and, consequently, a greater sense of spaciousness.

6. Intelligent stairs

What better way to save space than taking advantage of the gap provided by the stairs? Those in the image have inside drawers that make the room, in general, look larger and more orderly.

7. A sliding table

Some kitchens incorporate sliding tables with which an additional space is obtained for, for example, ironing. Something like this can also be used for lunch or a desk. When not needed, the table can be easily removed, clearing the environment.

8. Do not give up looking for appliances

If you live in a small house but have certain particular features, old or industrial style, invest in retro appliances   or with a striking aesthetic that make the space more attractive. They occupy the same as standard ones. Do not let the lack of space impoverish the aesthetics of your home.

9. Removable drawers

Opt for storage modules that make it easier to have the countertops cleared, where you can store objects that you do not want to have in sight, such as toiletries in the bathroom. Installed in the kitchen, they will serve you as a pantry.

10. Well-used corners

Corner furniture is a great bet. These original storage solutions allow you to take advantage of a space that otherwise would be empty. They are especially useful for storing kitchen utensils.

11. Multipurpose headboard

Furnishing a bedroom of small dimensions is not an easy task. If it is necessary to equip it with a double bed, it could be that it fits tightly across the width of the room and leaves us little room for a few bedside tables. In such a case, a good solution is to resort to a headboard with a shelf that, at least, allows to put on it some book, the mobile or the alarm clock.

12. Hide the bed

In dwellings of a single environment, the most difficult part of the distribution is usually finding the place for the bed. If possible, it should be placed in an area that is not the first thing you see on entering. Being voluminous, it is convenient to look for its location at an angle at the end of a route; in this way it will be easier for you to make it independent and will not hinder the operation of the space.

13. Row distribution

In the case of narrow but long plants, this type of distribution will help the environment win in visual order and not mix the functions. It will be necessary to group all the areas of use along one of the walls, so that the circulations are clear and fluid.

14. Sliding doors, always

A swing needs almost a square meter of free space around to open and close; a few valuable centimeters that can be earned for the interior of a small bathroom by using a sliding model. The designs in which the sheet is hidden inside a double partition are the ones that make the space even more profitable, since they make it possible to take advantage of that wall to place some element of the equipment, be it the shower, the toilet or storage modules.

15. Elevate the day area

In this other example of a small house, the living room has been raised about 60 centimeters to hide the bed below. Very smart!

16. Do not give up comfort no matter how small your room is

In minimal spaces, you must prioritize those elements that are absolutely essential according to your needs. At least, you will need to cover the space for the seats, with a fixed piece as a sofa or  chaise longue . Dec├íntate for light furniture and take advantage of the verticality of the room: always think of cubic meters. The height will provide you with an extension that you should exploit to the fullest.

17. A glass cube

In the same way that a kitchen of very small dimensions can gain a sense of spaciousness by opening it to the dining room, a way to enlarge a bathroom is through its integration with the bedroom. One way to do this is to completely replace the walls of the toilet with transparent screens, which isolate it from the bedroom but without closing it, as in this proposal. So you can also benefit from the natural light that the bedroom receives.

18. Optical Illusions

Although smooth and clear surfaces are those that give more space to any space, another alternative is to coat the walls with geometric patterns that generate optical games, thus achieving a sense of depth that deceives the eye with nonexistent volumes. This effect will be further enhanced by adding a generous floor-to-ceiling mirror, such as the one next to the toilet on the right side, to the tiles or wallpaper with this type of drawing pattern, a maneuver that visually doubles the space .

19. A removable column

A good idea is to take advantage of a gap of just a few centimeters inside a partition, like this one that separates the bedroom from the bathroom, to put a removable column. Completely hidden in the carpentry when it is closed, you will convert the distributor into an improvised dressing area by simply adding a standing mirror, which will also help to visually expand the space.

20. Nap corner

A colorful hammock suspended from the ceiling - or the loft, as in this case - will provide an enviable siesta or relaxed moments of reading without taking up much space: Because not everything happens to install chairs and tables.

21. A receiver as god sends

No matter how your entry: never leave things on the floor. If you do not have enough space to put a table, use wall shelves or hang some baskets to leave the mail and other objects. If you have to store shoes and boots in the entrance, place a tray for boots or a shelf for shoes. Always keep the floor clear.

22. Recessed surprises

They are a perfect resource to gain space in transit areas or in gaps between columns. The proposals made to measure are the ones that best take advantage of the useful space: They adapt completely to it, however irregular it may be, and allow customized solutions, such as this folding bed that converts a minimum space into an improvised guest room with a screen.

23. Dare with an ingenious storage system

A common problem that occurs in small homes is the lack of storage space in the kitchen. How would you like to cover the front of the kitchen with this perforated workshop-type board? In it you can hang the different kitchen utensils by hooks, which also allow you to modify the arrangement of objects with a simple gesture. This type of boards are usually used in workbenches and workshops, so they are a very cheap and accessible resource.

24. The secret office

Inside a closet you can hide a small workstation that serves as an office. The only thing necessary is to put a folding or retractable shelf as a desk to have room for the legs. The same cabinet shelves can also be used as shelves.

25. A trunk on the terrace

If you take advantage of every last corner, do not forget the terrace. The work benches with space to store not only offer many seats to sit, but also a great capacity to store mattresses, cushions and other useful accessories in outdoor meals, as well as items of little use.

26. To top it off ... A tree house!

Nothing better to take advantage of the square meters of garden and, incidentally, to have an extra space for children. If you have an outdoor area, assess whether you can build an additional room in it. It can be from a cabin for children to an office.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Great Ideas To Save Space At Home

In addition to saving space we can implement some decorating tricks to make the spaces appear wider and thus also get a greater sense of mental clarity.
The lack of space is a concern that torments modern families. However, there are many ways to save space within your home.
You will no longer have your belongings disordered in piles on any surface of your house.
Below we will explain how a furniture design or a way of organizing them can make a difference for the better.

Start saving space in your home

There are many reasons why you may want to have more space in your home. Work, children, a move... The possibilities are endless.
Nowadays more and more people work from home. If this is your case, you will want to have a workspace that does not interfere with your living space.
Remember that for greater mental health it is advisable to separate the work environment from the home.
Couples with small children suddenly find that their houses are suddenly full of toys.
They are on the floor, in the room, even in the bathroom ! Finding a place to store all these toys is important for family harmony and the general order of the home.
On the other hand, small departments of a single environment are increasingly popular. You probably wonder how to fit all your belongings into such a tight space.
Saving space must be a priority, since living in a clean and spacious environment will benefit your spiritual and corporal health.
Get ready to change your home with the fantastic ideas that we will present to you.

Create a wider environment

The first tips we will give you have to do with the architectural organization of your home.
If possible, choose or modify your house according to the following points:

Prefers the open concept

             Choose spaces with fewer divisions between spaces, such as the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.
             This will give your home a fresher and broader feeling.

Take advantage of outer space

             If possible, decorate the space directly outside your home to include it in your environment.
             In this way, you can relax and enjoy in a natural environment.

Use sliding doors

Try to change traditional doors with sliding or folding doors. This will increase the sense of open concept.

Add a second half floor

             Also called loft decoration magazines, the half floors are ideal if your home has high ceilings.
             So you can have two living spaces in the same room.

Use glass walls

To collaborate with the open concept, use opaque glass walls in your home, but let in natural light.
Decorate and take more advantage of the available space
The following are tips to better choose the furniture of your home, so that it is both functional and pleasing to the eye.
             Storage on the stairs. The stairs are the ideal storage place in your home.
The steps of the stairs are an ideal place to install drawers. It is also possible to install cabinets right below.
             Use folding furniture. You've probably seen it before, and it's incredibly useful. The tables or beds that can be folded directly to the wall save a lot of space.
             Includes mirrors in your decoration. The mirrors will give the illusion of increasing the total space of your home, making it look much bigger.
             Close the storage spaces at the bottom. By keeping the storage spaces open in the upper area of your shelves, and closing the lower ones, you will attract the view upwards.
This will make the space look much wider.
             Include light in your decoration. Do not forget that natural light can make your decoration much more beautiful. Take advantage of it and reduce the number of lamps in your home.
             Choose low furniture. To create the optical illusion of vertical space, choose horizontal furniture better than tall furniture.
             Keep in mind the colors. When decorating your home, keep in mind that colors will change the way you perceive space.
Use light colors, such as white and gray, to give the feeling of cleanliness and clarity. This is especially useful in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Reorganize your home!

Now that you have some ideas to take better advantage of the space you have available, start working.
Remember that an orderly and clean space translates into an orderly and clean mind. This will make you work better, relax more, and live more fully.


Extend The Basement To Gain Housing: Information And Ideas

With a basement extension, the living space can be extended well. We say what matters.
Your house is bursting at the seams? Then maybe a cellar extension is the solution. The basement is often used for parties, the in-house sauna or for the storage of fine wines. Keller can also be transformed into high-quality living space if it is dry and has enough windows. What you can do with your cellar and what you need to pay attention to here.
Arguments for the basement cellars are often treated neglected. Here everything accumulates, what is not needed in the house and apartment at the moment. But cellars can be much more than junk rooms: under the right conditions, they can be converted into full-fledged living space. This has the following advantages:
They have more space, which you can use as a retreat, as an additional playground for the children or to accommodate guests.
A cellar extension increases the property value.
The insulated basement reduces the heating costs of the house as a whole. It is best to plan the extension of the basement in cooperation with a certified specialist planner ( energy consultant ) and adapt it immediately to the current energy-saving guidelines.
Minimum requirements for the basement
expansion Who wants to expand the basement to the apartment should find out in the respective state building regulations, which minimum requirements apply in their own country for living spaces in the basement.
In Berlin basement apartments must have a clear height of 2.50 meters; in Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Schleswig-Holstein and Hesse it is 2.40 meters, in all other federal states only 2.30 meters. Similarly, there are different specifications for the window sizes: In Hesse, Bavaria and Berlin, the window areas must be at least 12.5 percent of the floor space of each room, in the other federal states, there are only 10 percent. Important: You will be charged for the approval of the conversion work.
The specifications do not apply if you use the rooms yourself. Then cellar rooms can be converted into work or children's rooms without the need for approval.
Necessary construction measures:
Install heaters (you can not do without them, as they protect against condensation in combination with the insulation)
Insulating walls and ceiling
Basically, the floor and walls must be insulated. Ideally, you have everything so planned right at the house construction that the subsequent basement expansion is not a big problem. Otherwise, the effort increases. Should a new entrance be installed? Would you like to exchange or even enlarge windows? Such details must be considered early in the planning of the insulation.
External insulation is recommended in cellars. If this is not possible, it can also be insulated from the inside - for example with calcium silicate boards. In rental and multi-party buildings, an additional sound insulation on the ceiling is important to swallow the impact sound from the ground floor.
Useful insulation measures
In freestanding old buildings, sealing from the outside makes sense: expose the walls from the outside and insulate them with bitumen emulsion
A drainage system that drains water into the sewage system
Subsequent installation of a horizontal barrier: it prevents moisture from rising from below into the walls
Installing windows
There are various ways to provide the basement with the necessary daylight, even if it is not possible to install windows or enlarge existing windows on the side walls:
High-lying basement windows, for example, designed as a window hinge, are always a good idea: Among them, even larger furniture space - so even the area of small spaces can be well utilized.
Even rooms with pipes and expansive pipes can be used by cladding these components. The best way is that the same size built in wardrobes, where you can stow all sorts of stuff. Because: As chic as you expand your cellar, you will still need it as a storage area.
A built-in closet provides for many cubic meters of storage space in this basement room. In addition to the daylight that falls through the door, an LED light strip illuminates the room.
To build a cellar to the bathroom who intends to accommodate a shower or a toilet in the basement, needs a lifting system, which pumps off the water. Because basement rooms are located below the so-called backwater level, which is usually at the height of the road surface. This means that if, for example, the public sewage system has run aground after heavy rainfall, the water created under this level can not naturally drain away.

Ideas for cellar use: the sauna

In addition to the insulation required by default, further criteria must be observed when installing a home sauna in the cellar.
For saunas that want to use more than one person, usually a three-phase connection with 400 volts must be placed.
If possible, the sauna exhaust air should be discharged to the outside via an opening in the wall (wall opening).